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The Benefits of Timber Farm Gates

Thinking about installing timber farm gates? Here are some of the benefits of using these gates. Timber is not only durable and cost effective as a material for designing gates, but it adds a certain quaint charm to your outdoor space and make it look more aesthetic.

Timber is a more cost effective choice

Wood is inexpensive when compared to other materials which are used for designing gates. Gates which are made from steel, aluminium or alloys tend to be more expensive. Plus these gates aren’t as appealing as a wooden gate. However, though wood is inexpensive, there is still a great deal of upkeep required to have it look as good as new year after year. It would require polishing and cleaning a great deal more. If you live in an area prone to extreme weather conditions, a wooden gate would require more maintenance. But the low cost of the gate compromises for the maintenance upkeep. What’s more it looks a great deal more rustic and charming.

Timber farm gates are sturdy and provide great protection

Most people consider timber as a weaker material when compared to metals, though it could be but the sturdiness of timber can’t be over ruled. Wood which has been treated with the right materials can be just as sturdy as any metallic gate. Also if you are conscious of wood being not as sturdy you could always talk to your provider to know what measures they take to ensure their timber stays sturdy year after year.

Timber tends to age in a more attractive manner

Unlike metals wood tends to age much more gracefully. The old and ageing timber gates tend to add a rustic appeal to your space. Unlike metal which is prone to wearing off of paint and looking rusty, you wouldn’t find a wooden gate looking rusty at all. In fact the old creaking sounds and faded pieces of wood tend to look attractive and picturesque as time passes.

Great for people who are big n going green

Do you want to do your bit for the environment? A wooden gate is more eco-friendly. There is also a great deal less pollution evolved in the designing of a wooden gate.

Easier to repair

Consider the fact that your wooden gate tends to get damaged over a period of time, it would be much easier to get it repaired. Unlike a metal gate which tends to rust much faster, wood isn’t prone to rust.

Wooden gates are much more versatile

When it comes to design and variety you can do a great deal with a wooden gate. It can be customised to look just plain and ordinary or custom built in a way which adds an old world glamor to your home. This is the best part about having a timber gate installed. You can have it deigned according to your personal taste. Also the hardware on the gates come in a variety of designs and colours. Whereas with metal you may not have much option for playing with design and colour.

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